Choosing the right process delivery method

One of the most important decisions for owners to make is which construction delivery method is appropriate for their project.  Marshall Design-Build, LLC., has proven expertise with the various construction project delivery methods.  Understanding that each owner's requirements are unique, we clarify benefits and disadvantages of each and below illustrate a few considerations.

Design-Build Process Method

Marshall introduced the design-build concept of project management to Montgomery over 38 years ago.  Because of the concept’s success, Marshall Construction changed its name in 2006 to Marshall Design-Build. The major advantage of this method is that the owner only has one contract and responsible entity. The design-build process involves a simple yet effective formula: Bring together the best available architects, engineers, subcontractors and providers, and put them to work guiding projects from idea to reality.  This process has resulted in many successful projects including churches, offices, medical practices and many Hyundai/Kia Tier-One and Tier-Two Suppliers.  We have one goal – To build you the building you want within your budget, with no surprises along the way.

Construction Management Method

As construction managers, our experience, knowledge, and resources allow us to assist the owner in managing the overall planning, design, and construction of a project.  From initial planning to the completion of the project, we are the owner’s primary point of contact.  We coordinate all project functions, including estimating, value engineering, construct-ability reviews, project operations and management, scheduling, cost control, quality control, and safety—and ultimately deliver a successful project.  Under this scenario, the owner has the responsibility of obtaining and managing separate contracts with the designer and construction manager, and an Agency contract with the Construction Manager.

Traditional Process Delivery Method

When the owner hires an architect to design his project, Marshall has been successful in providing low bids for construction services only.  The construction site is properly managed for quality, on-time performance and safety. The owner has total control and is responsible for design, construction, timeline, and costs.